We made it!

Three words to describe last week…we made it!

It has to be one of the hardest and most gruelling weeks of my life both mentally and physically, but it was so worth it.

The workshops went off with out any hitches, every participant was so enthusiastic and the energy they provided helped us create a beautiful piece around them. I noticed that being around young enthusiastic talent really helped the company members, as they themselves were exhausted and beginning to dread the words from me ‘lets run it again!’

The show itself really came together. Although this was not without nail biting moments, such as the projected box’s mirror having to be transported across the county in a open top car, me having an extreme allergic reaction causing me to throw up every five minutes, and the moment when our company manager was watching our rehearsal for the final piece and surreptitiously got out her mobile phone just in case we needed an ambulance, we looked that exhausted!

But as all the pros say ‘the show must go on!’ And it did!

The response we got from our audiences was mind blowing, everyone came away with such positive feedback (see comments here) and begging for more. This just proved to me that all our hard work had paid off and that Adaire to Dance does have a place in the dance world.

This is just the beginning and we hope to show 3Fold to many more people in the upcoming school year.

Keep an eye out for blogs from the rest of the company, and updates from myself.

All for now,


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