An audience members review…

This is a review from one of the audience members who came to see 3Fold. We are very pleased 🙂


“I anticipate a more gentle evening with ‘Adaire to dance’ at the Medway. The programme says ‘ Tennis is more than a sport. Its an art, like the ballet.’ Woops, wrong again – agression seems to be the key ! This was a family occasion – 16 Vales on the front row (sorry typo), and we were treated by the 2 boys and the 2 girls to a phenomenal display of extreme physicallity enhanced by lots of loud panting. The middle number was a special effects item where we were magically able to see Alice, the company leader, through the walls of a tent, where she tentatively explores her strange enviroment. She manage to shrink herself to about 4″” and then is wonderfully restored herself to her full 4′ The last number with all 4 members of the company was excting indeed and made us realise that these Dancers must be as fit as any Olympic athlete. And where does the blood come in, I hear you ask? After the show, Alice discreetly revealed her bleeding knees to me! She stoically confided – ‘I bleed every night, and so do the others’ I am in utter admiration!”

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