Vicki tells us all…

13th May, 16:00 “Unfortunately due to the overwhelming response and the need for so few dancers we will not be inviting you to our audition this time.” – The second response I received after my application to become a part of Adaire to Dance.

Hmm, maybe they changed their mind and don’t want me to come. Ah well, never mind. It was worth a try…

14th May, approx 13:00. Should I mention something? I was already invited! DId they change their mind?

13:34 – “You did in fact email me through Dancers Pro inviting me to the audition? If you could let me know if I can attend on 20th or not that’d be great”.

After receiving an e-mail informing me of a technical error in which I received both a ‘yes’ and ‘no’ to the audition, I learnt that I was in fact invited. 

The audition ended and the names “Michael and Vicki” were said… Hmm, there must be another Vicki here or something, maybe the names got mixed up… Huh? Oh, me? Cool!

So with not much previous experience in contemporary dance, apart from a summer school at the NECB, I’d been offered a part in a contemporary company over a bunch of other girls… Badass!

Learning Alice’s choreography has been one of my favourite parts throughout the whole process. “Spinny thing, die die, swipe, down, up, down, up, down, up” etc pretty damn challenging but so rewarding once I’d got it.

The tennis piece, aka Deuce or ‘Juice’ as I thought it was called for near enough the whole time until the first performance, was hilarious and had me feeling quite at home. Stupid faces, funny characters and a whole lotta laughing… So pretty much the Adaire team on a normal day.

3fold was the challenging part for me, but was my favourite piece also. Couldn’t complain with playing the role of the cool, tango chick whilst trying my best to keep up with Alice the invincible. After gaining a bunch of bruises, drawing blood and a couple of hissy fits, I’d pretty much got it down.. It was about time, as this was the day before the first show!

I felt out of my comfort zone for quite some time with the movement, however felt completely at home among the guys. Without the help of Alice, Michael, James, Gemma and Rosie I may not have made it through.. (sounds like I was running a marathon or having some major operation) and probably would have given up… if the competitive, perfectionist side of me hadn’t jumped out, and now I’m raring to go with more crazy choreography, rolling on the floor and fun times because…

I’m so contemporary.

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