Week one Newvolutions…

So week one done at Newvolutions and we are bruised and exhausted. But it is totally worth it!

The R&D is going very well, already we have come up with lots of material that is related to our Coffee Shop theme. We have used china coffee cups, cardboard takeaway cups, chairs, tables…you name it, and we have tried it!

I have also made my dancers do crazy tasks such as ‘make a cup of coffee with your bodies, imagine you are the milk…or the coffee bean’ As a result there has been great hilarity in the studio, something that we at Adaire always love to have.

On one of our days we were joined by some second year Lincoln University students. They spent their whole day ‘shuffling’ round the space being coffee addicted people. There enthusiasm was brilliant and I have never seen a group of people shuffle with so much energy!

This weekend I am in the music studio with our composer working out a sound-score to go with the material we have already created, so next week we can begin to amalgamate the two.

It is all very exciting and we are having lots of fun 🙂

All for now,


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