Crazy Times!

So life has been extremely hectic and exciting here at Adaire to Dance recently. Our residency starts next week at Déda and we have been selected to perform at World Events – Young Artists in September! Phew! we are beyond excited!!

Also next week I am starting on a new piece for three local young local male dancers. This piece is for the Olympic Torch Relay and other local events. It is based on a Triathlon and is called ‘Guyathlon’.

As you know when I look at sport a humours side tends to come out, so wait and see what wonders will arise in this initial R&D next week! 

The three dancers I am working with are:

Jake Bradnock

Jack Moore 

Rowan Prince


I will be keeping a live blog of this creation period, so keep an eye out for how the lads are coming along.


All for now,


Alice 🙂


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