Final preparations for Ireland

So all is set for my week in Ireland with Illuminos! My bags are packed and the score and music are safe in my hand luggage.

We will start the week teaching the three groups of people their torch manoeuvres. These groups include a local orchestra and children form local schools.

By Thursday they will all have learnt the score and we will bring them all together to try out the torch display on the lake. It should produce a spectacular display of ripples of light, both in the sky and in the reflection of the lake.

We will perform Friday and in Saturday a video version will be displayed.

So my task is to get everyone to know their torch moves and how many counts to wait, I think my week will be full of a lot of ‘and 5, 6, 7, start!’

Will keep you all posted on here of how out week is going!

All for now,



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