Ireland Day One…

So we landed in Knock this afternoon, and jumped in a car to get us to Castlebar where the Ripples project will be taking place. After an all important food shop we sat down and tweaked the torch movement score before heading off to our first rehearsal.

This first rehearsal was with the Castlebar orchestra who are one third of our line of people doing the torch display. We showed them a digital version of what the display should look like and presented them with their scores.

After the initial shock of the amount of counting they would have to do, we soon cracked on with the movement and it all started to slot into place.

As a dancer you would think I would fond counting easy, but combine that with moving a torch, keeping the person on my left informed of what is next, and checking my score every five seconds…resulted in a very confused Alice! Let’s hope tomorrow I can keep everything under control!

So all going well in Ireland so far. Up early tomorrow to go teach our first school their movements, so let’s hope the rain has gone off a bit :s

All for now

Alice 🙂


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