Ireland day two…

Today we started our day at Davitt college where 25 Art students were learning their torch movements. (see pic below)

We were welcomed with big smiles and plenty of cups of tea! The kids picked up the movement quickly, after their initial fascination with the torches and the ‘strobe’ effect option, always a great hit!

After running the whole piece three times everyone were beginning to get the just of the piece and were well prepared for their second rehearsal tomorrow.

After Davitt we headed off to St Gerald’s secondary school for boys. We did the same here and the 20 odd boys worked really hard…after a lot of ‘strobes off boy’s ‘ and ‘don’t blind your friend with your torch please!’ from me!

They soon had the hang of the movement and they began to enjoy how many different ways they can say the number eight. My particular favourite was the imitation of my English accent, which came out rather cockney and squeaky!

We then spent what felt like an eternity unloading torches and setting them up to charge (see pic below) Our holiday cottage is literally buzzing with 80 torches charging in it! I feel like we are in an episode of Doctor Who!

Tomorrow it is more of the same with a late night trek for us three to the lake to see how bright the torches are. Let’s hope they are strong enough!

All for now

Alice 🙂




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