Ireland day three

Another productive day in Ireland!

Our task today was to rehearse the two school groups again. Both Davitt college and St Gerald’s were on the ball. Plenty of energy and the piece firmly on their heads (well, almost all of them!)

We warmed them up with a quick game of ‘zip, zap, boing’. This game does not seem to be played over here in Ireland, so they enjoyed it immensely and will no doubt go away and teach it their poor parents!!

We are all set for the dress run tomorrow evening. We went out to the lake with a few torches tonight. They are not as strong a beam as we would like, but you can see the light, and some how it is a delicate, subtle light display, which I think will look beautiful.

So we are go go go!

All for now

Alice 🙂

Pictures below:
Us with Davitt College
St Geralds practicing outside



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