Ireland day five…

The day of the live event!

We have just finished the light show and the conditions could not have been more perfect! No rain, but cloud which helped the beams of light as they gently skimmed over the surface of the calm loch water.

Everyone did an amazing job. You could have heard a pin drop as we stood on the lake. All 67 participants were so zoned in that as the piece ended and we turned our torches off one at a time, there was a massive wave of relief and a cheer! Fantastic to see so many, of all ages, engaged so deeply in a piece of live art.

100s if people were gathered round the loch to watch, and the applause rang round the valley!

A brilliant result. Myself and Illuminos are very pleased. Tomorrow we are projecting a film of tonights event onto the wall of the local leisure centre. This will give the participants (and me!) a chance to see what it looked like.

We are now settling down with a glass of hot whisky! A good nights work!

All for now
Alice 🙂


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