Emma observes Adaire in action…

A few words from Emma, our work placement this week…Image


My name is Emma Turner, I am currently a third year dance student. I have taken up a three day work placement with Adaire to Dance in order to gain an understanding of what it is like to be a part of a professional dance company and how a professional dance company is run.

Day 1
Day 1 of the work placement with Adaire to dance was the filming of ‘cut to the chase’. ‘cut to the chase’ is a project done in the style of a silent movie and pop up theatre as part of a refurbishment of the Pavilion theatre at Matlock Bath.

I contributed to the perpetration of the filming for example clearing the theatre, walking around the space in order for the camera to be set up in the correct space. Finally I watched the rehearsals for the filming which gave me an incite into the style of dance they would be using for the film. 

During the filming I filmed the performance for Adaire to dance for their own documentation.
I felt that I benefited from watching the filming process for ‘cut to the chase’ as I was able to gain a better understanding of Adaire to dance’s style of which they move in. Also I found it interesting to watch the process of how a dance for camera project works and the time scale for that type of project.

I really enjoyed watching the filming as it was useful to not only witness a dance for camera piece being made but the style of the piece allowed me to see how well the mixture of gesture along side of contemporary dance worked. I felt this enhanced the film because of the old fashioned style of film it was supposed to be. 

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