Emma’s last day…

Day 3
During the final day of my work placement I was able to watch Adaire to Dance in rehearsals for 3fold, as well as taking part in the new free open company class.
During the Adaire to Dance rehearsal I had the chance to warm up with the company. They then went onto watching the previous performance of 3fold to familiarise themselves with the choreography. I then observed the rehearsal which gave me the opportunity to see how they worked with the choreography and adapted it for
the next performance. This also gave me a chance to watch Alice in action as the artistic director to see how she approaches the choreography as well as the quality of the choreography she creates.
The rehearsals for Adaire to Dance were fascinating to watch. It was brilliant to see the level and standard professional dancers work at and I am now aware of the level I need to work towards to gain the technical ability.
The dancers worked quickly with Alice when changing the choreography, and I also gained an understanding of how it helps to step out of the choreography and allow the dancers to play with the choreography in order to see what works and then adapt what the dancers do in order to fit the style of the piece.
After this we then took an hour in the office to look at more auditionees. This was useful as it followed the company rehearsals, so I now know how the audition process needs to be as the dancers Alice employ will need the same strong technical ability and be able to fit in with the company. Alice also showed me examples of
strong cv’s and letters of interest.
Finally I was able to take part in the open company class. This was a great opportunity as it is designed to give dancers a taster of how Adaire work. I really enjoyed the class as I got to work in the style of Adaire to Dance and dance along side other dancers who are working towards or who are in the industry. I will defiantly go the the open class again and recommend other dancers to try it out.
Thank you to Alice Vale for giving me the opportunity to do a placement with Adaire to Dance

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