And the madness continues…


3Fold is just around the corner so we have been rehearsing like mad over last week and the start of this! Although we know this show like the back of hands it has been important that we get the quality and intensity back. During our time in the studio we have actually changed some bits of the choreography, which I feel needed to be tweaked. This is the third version of this show, so it is nice to let it evolve in the way we have.

Michael, Vicki and James have been working their socks off! Although the residing moments have to be Michael forgetting the whole order of the last piece and James hitting Vicki (accidentally) over the head with a bottle during the Tennis piece! So as always there have been plenty of giggles in the Adaire studio, and that is how we like it!

GuyAthlon is now finished! We had a rehearsal last night and we have finally got a pice together. It is looking fab and the boys dance it perfectly! It has a bit of humour combined with some athletic dancing, so we hope the audiences enjoy it. Roll on the Olympics!

This week we have Josie joining us on work placement from Doncaster Uni, watch out for her blogs on here. We hope she has an enjoyable time with us,

All for now,

Alice 🙂


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