Join us for a Pedal party!

We are pleased to confirm that we are involved with Derby’s next pedal powered party. Come along and join in the fun! More details below:


On Your Bike

On 9 September 2012 as part of the Cultural Olympiad in Derby, we are having a big community party in Derby Market Place to mark the closing ceremony of the Paralympic Games. The party will be free, and everyone will be welcome. And we are going to be performing at it. 


The theme of the party is community empowerment and interdependence, and the event will be a live celebration of these Olympic and Paralympic values.


The theme will be illustrated in a real and visual way through the use of a bike powered generator system, a bank of 20 bikes which audience members will use to power the music on stage. One band or community group will literally empower the performance of another, and no-one can perform without the input of another.


The party will feature performances from live bands, DJs, street performers, and community groups. It will run from 4pm – 8pm and will lead into the closing ceremony of the Paralympic Games, to be broadcast live on the Big Screen in the Market Place.Image

Come and enjoy the party. And please feel free to jump on a bike to help keep the music playing!

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