A few words from our other Intern Jake…

With Adaire to Dance, the only thing I can be sure about is that I’ll have fun. The means and methods may vary but the playfulness of the company remains and creates a lovely place to be and work in. The recent auditions have given the company another set of wonderful dancers and it feels as though Adaire to Dance is steadily growing.

Company class every morning has been challenging and very sweaty, an energising start to the day. Then comes a short break spent in the deda gallery discussing films, swimming or whatever else the company did together last night.

Another great thing about Adaire to Dance is that Me and Georgina (the other intern) have direct input to the choreography. We have been creating “coffee frantic” and duet material for Alice to commandeer and organise in the work, and watching the rehearsals, giving our opinion and helping in many other different ways.

The great tesco expedition comes at the same time as lunch, those of us too tired or lazy to have prepared a meal cross the city to the tesco express. This tradition of taking little company trips to a shop or pasture is one I rather enjoy, as wherever Adaire goes is where the fun is to be had.

However, with full stomachs the bubbly creatives have a slow start but pick up the pace, both me and Georgina love watching it all come together in form and substance.

The piece will be full of humour, drama, hardcore contemporary, and I believe it will be a thoroughly lovely performance.

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