Coffee Shop Culture 2013…

Work has started again on our new show and during our Easter session we have a new Intern who is helping document our process. Below Emma describes her first day with us:

Tuesday 2nd April 2013Image

Today I observed the company perform sections of the piece, Coffee Culture. This included:

  • Girls Trio – This involves three female dancers, playing the characters of school girls, which are going into the Coffee Shop.


  • Cup Duet – This section had three duets, involving a cup and how it can be passed differently to each person.


  • Male Trio – This section follows on from the cup duet.  The Artistic Director (Alice) re-choreographed this section today, to shorten the phrase.


  • Coffee Table phrase – This section contained movement that allowed the characters to weave in and out of each other. To play with different levels and show how a coffee shop is busy with people.


  • Retro Graded – The Company practiced the retro graded phrase that is taken from one of the main motifs.

Within this rehearsal today Alice discussed each performer’s character and how the transitions from each character will be revealed to the audience.  Alice went through entrances and exits to help the performers visual embody these notes.

At the beginning of the rehearsal I took part in the technique class and helped put the furniture together for the rehearsal to commence. 

I believed I started to gain information today on how Alice works as a Choreographer and as an Artistic Director.  Within this I observed floor patterns emerging from the movement that resembled the coffee cup shape (Circle, swirly movements). The music is very suited for the piece and reminds me of what type of music I would hear in a coffee shop, including the natural sounds. It has made me appreciate how hard it is to work with props and how important props are in setting the scene for the piece. 

Overall, it was kinaesthetically pleasing to watch and has given me a passion to watch more of the piece.    


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