Emma’s day three…

During today’s rehearsal of Coffee Shop Culture, I observed a break down run of the show, including:

  • Barista Trio (Two female characters and One male) – Alice clarified the movement, including spacing of each character. I found this piece contained quirky arm, hands and head gestures that helped me acknowledge that they are baristas and also each character has individual quirky personalities.
  • Queue – Alice restructured this section, as well as clarifying the movement to make the unison part look flawless. I think this section gives a very busy coffee shop experience for the audience, through the characters pushing and fighting their way to the front of the queue.
  • Cup Duet – This section was flawless today; the group acknowledged corrections from yesterday and applied them perfectly. I really enjoyed watching this phrase.
  • Male Trio – Alice discussed notes from yesterday, clarified the movement and restructured the section.
  • Girly Girls Trio – Alice clarified the movement and spacing. Alice also restructured the phrase to allow the timing with the music to be correct. I still believe this a strong comical phrase that will be a talking point with the audience.
  • Old people Duet – I love this phrase as it reminds me of my grand parents and I think it will have a connection with every member in the audience. The music runs parallel to the movement of the two characters.
  • Mundane Section – I found today that in the music it has a slow motion quality to it, which matches the phrase perfectly, with most of the movement containing this quality

Today I found it so refreshing that company members want to re-rehearse sections that they feel unhappy with and not move on to the next section until they are satisfied with the standard. I found that company members give feedback throughout the process which helps the dancers in that section achieve their initial  character or goal set out in that phrase. Every time I observe the piece I find different elements which I didn’t recognise before.  This makes me more enthusiastic every time I observe the piece, and allows me to appreciate the final product, through observing the process of how the piece has been formed together and collaborated through different media.



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