Emma’s day two…

Wednesday 3rd April 2013

In today’s rehearsal of Coffee Shop Culture, I observed different sections within the piece:

  • Duet (Alice and Jamie) – This section showed connections between two characters in the coffee shop. It indicated how the male character could understand and empathize with the female character.  I believe this was shown through movements such as: Mirroring, eye contact, supporting each other and having a close connection throughout. I observed that the movement had a chasing/running and catching element to it. This could signify the characters have a love connection or a strong friendship relationship between each other.
  • Tall and Small Duet – In this section it contains moments that are comical, through two very opposite characters. This section I believed showed  hierarchy/dominant levels within the characters. The female character was dominant throughout and the male character seemed to adore the female character, that he would do anything to make her happy.  I believe a stereotype that they fulfilled was the female character being famous and the male character playing an obsessive fan. This can be seen through the malecharacter’s movement sometimes reflecting a ‘dog like’ manner when trying to win the female character over. This could be seen as being comical, especially to a younger audience.
  • Mothers Trio Section – This section included three female characters that have a mother like quality. This phrase I found very comical as it was a stereotypical mother characters and I believe it can relate to everybody’s mother in the audience. The movement contained pedestrian movement that was performed within freeze frames, snap shots and slow motion. I believe this created this comical atmosphere, by allowing the audience to engage on the characters facial expressions and what was happening within the scene.
  •   Male Duet – This phrase contained the Barista characters encountering a standoff. This was very comical, as the music and fast pace of the movement indicated that they were competing with each other. The movement was repetitive during this phrase, I believe this will leave the audience in suspence throughout and allow them to analyse which character will win the standoff.
  • Toilet Roll Section – This included one of the mother characters, who has toilet paper attached to her shoe. The other people in the Coffee Shop are trying to make her aware of it throughout this section.  This phrase I found comical as at first the queue at the coffee shop are avoiding eye contact with the mother character. This comical vibe is contained throughout when the Barista tries to inform her of the toilet paper and he gets a slap to the head for looking. The movement is pedestrian, with the characters using other methods of getting toilet paper off the mother character. This was very creative as it allowed the characters to play with different levels and other methods that were not so common.
  • Mundane/Chair section – This section contained the female character that Alice plays of being lonely and singled out from society.  This phrase is before the duet with Jamie’s character, as they meet for the first time within this section. This movements indicate how isolated the female character is compared to other characters as they are in unison throughout. I believe this shows unity within the group and how allowing Alice’s character to be an outcast, this is illustrated throughout. The movement contains a motif that of the group pushing one another. I think that this shows characters of an ignorant nature within a natural coffee shop setting. The quality of movement is pedestrian with lifts and supported movement. I found when analysing the phrase that these lifts and other supportive motifs are indicating that the group has to be connected and be support to each other to make this unity. This allows for example the bullies / stronger to be as one than the isolated character.  At the beginning of the section it contained contraction and release movement quality; this showed a clear mundane expression. I found the music aided this expression to collaborate with the movement, with the solo of the piano and its dynamic quality.
  • Business Trio – This began with the three characters emerging from up stage right, with triplet steps. I think this showed the unity as a stereotype and how similar the characters are. This phrase follows on from the toilet roll section. The movement quality is pedestrian with travel movements in unison. I believed it showed the business characters everyday busy lifestyle within a coffee shop. The Artistic Director (Alice) restructured the phrase to fit with the music.
  • Cup Duet – As mentioned in yesterday’s blog, however today Alice clarified arms, hands and heads. Also Alice analysed spacing and positioning of each character, due to the layout of props on the stage and the audience perception throughout the phrase.
  • Full run through of the piece Coffee Shop Culture:

In the full run of the piece, I gathered a good all round knowledge of the piece and how the transitions work between sections.  It showed me how the Coffee Frantics are involved within the piece and how all the characters form together within a Coffee Shop environment.

I love how the piece goes from a dramatic, chaos and frantic environment to a calm, smooth and collective environment. That is driven by the characters within the coffee shop.

I am finding the piece even more kinaesthetically pleasing the more I observe it. I believe that it appeals to any audience and that every audience member will find different comical elements throughout.


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