Emma day four…

Friday 5th April 2013

In today’s rehearsal of Coffee Shop Culture, I observed a break down of the show carrying on from yesterday’s rehearsal. This included:


  • Chair section – Today Alice clarified movement and analysed if everybody is doing the unison section with the same movement and timing.  I realised how much I love the height and lifts throughout this section, I believe it shows the dominant characters and who has won the battle of sitting on the chair.  


  • Retrograde section – Alice clarified movement, as the unison part needed to be tighter with timing and the angles/positioning in which the dancers performed.


I discovered today most of piece has the dancers performing in a diagonal pathway which then intersperses into swirling and circular pathways. This is similar to actual coffee and coffee cups with its shape, this shows that you can cut through the liquid but swirl the coffee to create circles within a coffee cup.


 I am loving that every time I see the piece the characters build, even more so when the company rehearse in the studio. As I can observe the full character, with exposure to facial expressions and sound of breath and voice compared to the theatre. Characters had moments which I didn’t recognise until today, which made me more observant.


Now when reflecting the piece I can picture how the projection will work throughout and I am very excited to see this on Monday.  I think it was the best rehearsal I’ve seen the company perform and it has made me realise how important it is to work as a group, if not this piece wouldn’t work.


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