Emma’s day five…

Monday 8th April 2013

In today’s rehearsal of Coffee Shop Culture, I observed the projection been carefully placed within the piece. Within the following section:

  • Barista’s standoff.
  • Business people section.
  • Old couple section.
  • The three barista’s at the beginning of the piece.

I watched Matt carefully place the projection on to certain props and people for added effects to the piece. I have learnt a lot today about projection and it has widened my knowledge about how to approach digital technologies. This includes recording all today’s projections for my evaluation/documentary, and for Alice to analyse the piece. With today’s blog I haven’t gone into too much depth, as I believe the projection is an amazing essence to the piece and I would not want to spoil it for the audience. I do think that every audience member will appreciate the projections throughout Coffee Shop Culture and will be amazed by it too.



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