Emma’s last day :(

Thursday 11th April 2013

In today’s rehearsal of Coffee Shop Culture, I observed a break down of the piece up to the unison retrograde section. This included:

  • Coffee frantics – Alice gave the performers feedback from yesterday’s rehearsal. The performers did a workshop to produce new ideas for movement within this section.


  • Alice gave the company dancers their feedback from yesterday’s rehearsal as well.


  • Barista Trio – Alice worked on the transition of the movement going into the projection with the music and the positioning of the characters within this section.



  • Mothers section – Alice worked on timing, making sure the movement matched the music.


  • Transitions of: 

                     Business men and women.

                    Old couple section.

                    Alice looked at timing in these sections.


Overall today I thoroughly enjoyed meeting and watching the coffee frantics (local young dancers) in their section. Alice clarified the movement, characteristics of each character, spacing/positioning and dynamics of the piece in general. This is my last blog, which I am upset it is at an end. However, I am happy to say the next time I will see Coffee Shop Culture it will be the actual performance.

I would like to thank Alice Vale and the company for being welcoming and friendly. I couldn’t thank you enough for allowing me into your world and company. This has been an amazing opportunity which I will never forget.



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