Research & Development Day Two: Gazing and Gauzes

“ All limits are self imposed.” – Icarus


Day two at Dèda and the dancers and creative team continued research into the many technical possibilities of the projections. Playing with the idea of the dance movement dictating where and when the digital projections are placed, opened up new physical potential and channels of choreography.

Working from two duets created yesterday, Matt and Rob from Illuminos began programming ways of making the digital design seamlessly morph with the dancers. There were several fun and challenging moments during this process, but through repetition and group focus we managed to find a simple balance between projection, 2D design and dance.

Utilising the technical capabilities of the projection as a choreographic tool started to formulate more ideas about the relationship between dancer and projector. For example in one exercise, Rob traced shapes onto the floor and backdrop which were dictated by the gestures of the dancers. All the dancers intertwined and created a phrase within the grid of the projection, allowing Rob to map out a graphic formed from the motions.

For the final part of the day, the creative team started working with the movement, projection, lighting and gauzes. Here we experimented with how the dancers look and feel working around gauzes which form part of a set. The end results of this were visually very strong, giving way to yet more layers in the work.

Continue to follow our journey in the studio tomorrow as the group prepare to fly…

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