Research and Development Day Five: Setting the Stage


“Laments of an Icarus

The paramours of courtesans
Are well and satisfied, content.
But as for me my limbs are rent
Because I clasped the clouds as mine.

I owe it to the peerless stars
Which flame in the remotest sky
That I see only with spent eyes
Remembered suns I knew before.

In vain I had at heart to find
The centre and the end of space.
Beneath some burning, unknown gaze
I feel my very wings unpinned

And, burned because I beauty loved,
I shall not know the highest bliss,
And give my name to the abyss
Which waits to claim me as its own.”
― Charles Baudelaire


Today in the studio Matt and Rob constructed the gauzes that will make up the set on stage. Six panels of white gauze material covers the whole stage, segmenting and creating its own small maze structure within. In this way, they have created a central stage area, in which the projector from above can project onto the floor of the main dance space. The gauzes hang vertically in strips, this allows dancers to disappear and reappear, different possibilities for tableaus and varying compartments and segments of the stage. It also has an overall simple Greek pantheon look and is similar to draping clothes worn in Ancient Greece.

The dancers worked hard too, creating more material on the ‘Building Wings’ and ‘Flying’ sections, two parts integral to the production. The first look at some costumes and styling ideas were tried on at the end of the day with the main characters of Icarus and Daedalus having an almost ‘timeless’ look.

In setting the scene, the creative team began playing with the environment and continued experimenting with both the logistics of the movement, staging and lighting. Blending a multi media based dance work, takes time and patience but the skeleton of the work is truly starting to come together.

Stay posted for more images, quotes and notes from our time in the studios at Deda, Derby.

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