Research and Development Day Seven: The Research Continues.

dance17 (100 of 1)

“Icarus is flying too close to the sun
And Icarus’s life, it has only just begun
And this is how it feels to take a fall
Icarus is flying towards an early grave.”

Lyrics from Icarus by Bastille

Image by Greg Jackson Photographs

Today company members welcomed other dancers to share class with them during their hours warm up. The warm up was both refreshing and challenging, preparing the company for another exciting day of R&D.
We began by working specifically towards refining and adding animation to the section Building Wings. Starting in the studio ideas of building bodies were apparent as well as the characterisation of Icarus (Alice), Daedalus (Louis) and the souls of each (Vicki and Hal). This rehearsal used previous video footage to track and trace previous choreography and also introduced opportunity for more ideas to be developed.

The developments saw the expansion of lifts and contact between the self and soul of characters.
The R&D then moved into the theatre to work with the new animation, music and movement. Each works as separate phenomena and then are skilfully combined to visually assist the telling of the story and its aesthetic appearance. This collaboration allows Matt, Rob, Michael, Alice, Vicki, Louis and Hal to work together towards the final stages of R&D.
When working on combining the array of detailed phenomena, links began to be seen between each. Alice worked to refine movement and animation so that the two could be seen echoing one and other. Particularly when introducing the first part of the Building Wings section Louis and Alice choreographed to match his solo with small details of the animation. This idea was explored by tracing lines and shapes, dynamic of animation in correspondence to movement, and referencing/acknowledging the set and its animation.

Keep following THE BLOG for more posts everyday this week as the company build on their creations.
Words by Isobel Davis (2015 Intern, Adaire to Dance)

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