Research & Development Day Eight: Layering the Labyrinth


Research and Development Day Eight: Layering the Labyrinth

After yesterday’s shared class the company were excited to again welcome familiar and unfamiliar faces into their warm up. Today it was Louis’ turn to deliver a warm up session, which indeed challenged us. The warm up consisted of an arrangement of technique which worked every bone, muscle and brain cell.

After the energetic warm up it was straight back into the theatre to get back into choreography. Today we were exploring the section: Escaping the Maze. The section began with a rather confusing looking piece of paper. The paper was riddled with numbers, arrows and shapes, which of course represented the pathways that the company were to cover in order to represent the story and ideologies of the confusing maze. This phase of the R&D used a methodical approach of pathways, directed instruction and skilful choreography to portray the maze and relationship of Icarus and Daedalus.

The company commenced the R&D working in two separate duets. The duets used both Icarus and Daedalus (Alice and Louis) and the souls of both (Vicki and Hal) sharing the space. They began choreographing towards expressing these relationships within the maze. Each duet began to tangle their bodies into one and another creating a maze like effect through use of contact. As both duets were combined an orbiting influence between the two duets emerged. The orientation of this movement in the space helped add to the themes of the mazes confusing nature.

After lunch it was straight back into the theatre to continue the R&D process, with Matt in close proximity working on the animation of the maze. The collaboration between both animation and movement began to work in-sync, helping to display the story and representation of the maze. The company continued to abide by the diagrams instruction, tracking their movement in the space accordingly with each pathway specifically measured. An assortment of long and short pathways made up the maze, really grasping the feel for the maze and the confusion of the characters.

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