Research and Development Day Nine: Building the Maze


Today company member Hal took charge in delivering a very elevated session. The company were thrilled to see so many familiar faces take todays class alongside them, including past intern Rosie. The warm up continued to empower every dimension of space, through numerous travelling and jumping exercises, encouraging fluidity throughout phrases.
Awaiting in the theatre Matt and Rob were already tapping away, programming the animation that was being developed from yesterday’s R&D. Whilst the tech desk was busy the company began to develop yesterday’s movement based upon notes made after they had witnessed their recorded video footage. The footage revealed notes for the companies R&D, one note in particular required the section to feel even more frantic. Icarus and Daedalus (Alice and Louis) understood the importance of their characterisation, which would be used to tell the story effectively. As the duet between Alice and Louis developed their movement Vicki and Hal were close by working on refining their duet.
They all took their research and progressed quickly to collaborate with their animation. As the lights went down the animation was displayed with clarity, displaying images of stone walls and angular maze like shapes on the floor. As the dancers re-capped their movement a beautiful collision of angular patterns and orbiting bodies was formed within the space.

During lunch it was time for myself and Michael to continue market research in costume, aiming to find costumes to fit a specific specification for both Vicki and Hal. Unfortunately we were unable to source a costume that would fit the character of both and it soon became apparent that this task was much harder than first imagined. During the shopping trip around Derby City Centre we sparked ideas of what would help represent Vicki and Hal’s Un-humanistic nature to aid the portrayal of their characters, but as the ideas sparked we soon realised our ideas were impossible to find.
Feeling rather deflated by our lack of shopping bags we returned to the theatre to gain more inspiration from the enthused company members. The company were working on refining animation with a solo which saw Louis in the centre of a projected maze.

The maze was patterned to rotate with Louis’ movements. Embedded with fine details the animation and movement combination began to tell a detailed story of the relationship between Daedalus (Louis) and the maze.
Return tomorrow to hear about my last day as intern for the final phase of R&D.

Written by Isobel Davis (Adaire to Dance Intern 2015)

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