Research and Development Day Ten

The Final Day of our Research and Development.

My final day as intern for the company began with a ballet technique class taken by Michael. The hour studied the spectrum of ballet technique expected in a professional ballet warm up. After the syllabus was covered the company moved into the theatre ready to begin rehearsals. They began recapping Louis’ solo from Escape the maze. Using the R&D process they began to develop his story telling approach that saw him freeing himself from the maze. This incorporated a lot of technical guidance from Matt and Rob, who again were busy mapping the unique animation that the section was tailored to collaborate with.
After a few runs using movement material, music and animation as a collaboration it was time for the company to find their wings once again to develop and recap the section Building of the wings.

Using their research, technical support and creative flair Alice, Louis, Vicki and Hal continued to develop this section. They began to work on merging both their movement and the animation so that the two could be seen as one spectacle, working hard to refine their timing and awareness to ensure they were working together. The company used their knowledge and firm understanding of balancing bodies throughout to ensure the security of elevated movements and lifts. Once all had been developed in regards to movement and animation it was time to put the company members to work, by running the section over, and over again. It was clear to see the content and performance had been heightened throughout this week’s R&D. The characterisation of each performer began to have an enlightening presence and a unique story filled the theatre.

Lunch time today was an exhibition of show-stopping baked goods, as we decided Friday was the turn of the companies bake off. An assortment of cakes, drizzle’s, crispy cakes, brownies and cinnamon buns, helped to refuel the team ready for a few final rehearsals in preparation to this afternoons filming.

As the dancers prepared themselves to be filmed Matt and Rob equipped the theatre with cameras and even more technical gear ready for filming. They ran both sections numerous times preparing the company for a sharing which would follow this week’s R&D.

After sharing their work the company were given a delightful response with an array of ideas and research to play with in future R&D. It’s looking like the companies adventure is well on its way to developing and becoming the phenomena that can be expected from the hard working company.
Thanks for following our journey throughout this week’s R&D, keep an eye out for the companies next step toward the Icarus project.

Words by Isobel Davis

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