Piecing together again..


Harry Kingscott, our latest intern reflects on his first experience of being in the studio during the creation of our new show Icarus.

Whilst a lot of the digital projections have been created in response to the choreography by Alice and the cast – at this stage in the rehearsals it can be difficult to merge the two together again.


Working on a significant solo scene with Daedelus, we spent time bringing the choreography, projections and music together. As this was the first rehearsal I was observing, it was immediately apparent that the company had choreographed some really strong material; the projections were mesmerising and the music fitted the scene perfectly. However, actually making these three elements work together in a scene that makes sense is a whole other challenge.

Luckily, the team were able to work together to achieve this and we were left with a scene in which the character’s movement informs the projections – and the projections, in turn, provide us with extra insight into the motions and feelings of the character. Overall, the effect is magical, almost cinematic.

Words by Harry Kingscott
Intern, Adaire to Dance


ICARUS premieres on 7.30pm on Thursday 22nd September at Deda Theatre, Derby In collaboration with Illuminos and supported by Deda and Arts Council England.

Book tickets here: http://www.deda.uk.com

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