Heading to dizzying heights…

Over the last couple of days we have been perfecting scenes that involve more complex digital animations. One thing Illuminos – our collaborators – have been fantastic at creating is a world that twists and turns around the choreography. Timing becomes critical in these scenes.


When Daedalus and Icarus are finding their way through the maze, the projections are spinning, building walls and tearing them back down again as the dancers move through the space. In addition to this, the dancers themselves form parts of the maze. As they spin through the space, they block and turn the characters, leaving them hopelessly lost. We spent a long time today working through this to ensure we were in the correct part of the maze at the right time.


We faced a similar challenge working on the scene where they take flight. In this scene, Illuminos again succeed in creating a dizzying world by constantly changing the direction of flight. It’s incredible to watch yet rather difficult to time the choreography to give the impression of continuous flight with quick changes of direction. Luckily, with repetition and a keen eye the team were able to marry these elements together.
The result of this hard work, in both scenes, is a dizzying spectacle not dissimilar to the first time you watch a movie in 3D. This show verges on optical illusion.

Words by Harry Kingscott

Harry is our theatre intern. You can book tickets to see the show here; http://www.deda.uk.com/whats-on/adaire-dance-and-illuminos-icarus/

Icarus premieres on Thursday 22nd September at 7.30pm, Deda Theatre, Derby.

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