ICARUS Revamped

As it was our first day as interns with Adaire to Dance, we were excited for what the day will hold for Icarus rehearsals.

I am aware of the story about Icarus however, as I didn’t get a chance to attend the premiere at Deda last September, I was intrigued to find out more about the choreographic process and how a professional contemporary company works in rehearsals.

We have been starting the days with our hardcore ab workout to get us warm, followed by learning a floor sequence which we perform in groups. It was really interesting to move with professional dancers and seeing how they approach a warm up. They have such a professional attitude when beginning the company class, taking enough time for themselves to ensure that their bodies are stretched and warm for a day full of rehearsals!

As they don’t have access to the gauzes or digital elements of the show yet, it has just been a case of cleaning, rehearsing and teaching the new dancer his role! As Joe is new to the company, he has learnt the piece in 3 days, which is amazing!! The hard work and dedication he has put into learning the routine is impressive. Adaire to Dance as a company, work so well together; constantly giving opinions, input and listening to each other making room for improvement! This is what makes great dancers.

Kate Jones

Kate Jones is our intern for the Icarus Regional Tour 2017.


Book you tickets now.

22nd June, 7.30pm The Brewhouse Arts Centre, Burton


28th June, 7.30pm, Guildhall Arts Centre, Grantham


29th June, 7.30pm Lincoln Drill Hall, Lincoln


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