Dancing with your shadows..

An element that I have found particularly interesting to work with this week has been the characters of Daedalus & Icarus’ shadows. These demonic, ethereal figures manipulate the environment around the two central characters, whilst also tormenting and tempting them.


Whilst it is easy to develop the characters of Daedalus and Icarus it is far trickier to develop a character for their shadows. However, during this week, I have tried to help develop these. In some ways they remind me of characters such as Prospero and Ariel from ‘The Tempest’, delibaretly leading and misleading the other characters to their inevitable resolution.


In this sense, they deserve to be regarded as characters in their own right. The dancers playing them are, luckily, very good performers and have started to develop a personality for these shadow figures. By posing questions to them such as ‘How do they feel about manipulating Icarus in this moment?’ and ‘What are they hoping to achieve by doing this?’ they are now coming across as remarkably sinister and motivated antagonists, sometimes even taking pleasure in their maliciousness.

I believe audiences will interpret the significance of the shadow characters in different ways, but either way, they certainly add an interesting additional dynamic to the relationship between Daedaus and Icarus.

Words by Harry Kingscott. Harry is our theatre intern for Icraus.

Icarus premieres on Thursday 22nd September at Deda Theatre, Derby.
For tickets visit: http://www.deda.uk.com/whats-on/adaire-dance-and-illuminos-icarus/

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