Jakes insight into Adaire to Dance…

From the moment I walked into the room I knew it was going to be a fun few weeks. From the jokes about Alice’s height (Look about 15, love) to the constant Miranda quotes, I could tell it would be fun. Such fun.

Rehearsals were challenging both mentally and physically, from running on the spot for what felt like hours to being put under rapid fire of complex bottle arrangements.

The bottle section I found the most difficult to learn. The pathways of our bottles and arms and legs were so complicated and each section was over before I had time to blink or think. And with constant hilarity of Alice getting a tennis racket at her face, or being hit with a water bottle, or just plain falling over, rehearsals were very interesting indeed.


And then suddenly it was the performance! What had seemed like ages away suddenly became 10 minutes, as we got onto the stage, donned our sashes and took part in a belly dancing workshop. Now, I signed up for a piece about tennis. I didn’t expect to go anywhere near a silk cloth and twinkling belts. But it turned out fun, and a good warm up.

We were performing, then suddenly we weren’t. Quite a lot of rehearsals, sweat and time boiled down to about ten minutes on an uneven ground, dodging pillars. But we had another performance later that afternoon, so after getting a healthy Gregg’s lunch and creating tennis-based freeze frames for the general public, we performed again. This time, we were all on top form. It went fantastically well, and the crowd loved it.

Game, set and match.

Overall it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience, and Adaire to dance is a company to look out for in the future. I hope I manage to stay in contact with these wonderful people and I’m sure our paths will cross again.

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