August is here!


So August is here and we are about to embark on our premiere of 3Fold!

The rehearsal process has been nothing but giggles and hilarity! Although we have worked extremely hard, do not want you all to think we are having too much fun 😉 But during the hard work we have managed to find time to have a good laugh.

Funny moments include being lifted by just my toes, (a technical error!) Michael’s arm being trapped in a lift he was not supposed to part of, Vicki effortlessly falling into the splits to only discover she could not get up out of them,and James turning any direction I gave into inappropriate phrases! All in a days work eh?!

Tomorrow we start our workshops and we hope the young talent we have attending will enjoy working with us, and find plenty of hilarity themselves. We strongly believe that with hard work you will find laughter, an essential ingredient.

All for now,


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