A word from our Company Manager

‘Me And My Friend Alice Have Started A Dance Company’…

I’ve said that phrase a lot over the last few months and every time I do it strikes me just how strange and official it sounds. We have actually started a company. I remember the day we sat with the laptops and sent the audition notices out to all who would circulate it. We realised then that people would actually come along to this audition wanting to be a member of our company and that we would have to look like we knew what we were doing!

I’ll tell you now, it’s really scary. But amazingly exciting! And when I saw our commanding James, our striking Vicki and our exquisite Michael dancing together for the first time I knew we were onto a winner. I love and admire them all and am so glad to have had the chance of working with them.

They really are all fantastic. I know I’m biased but genuinely, they really are. I will freely admit that I have no dancing background myself bar a few years of poorly attempted ballet until I was 12. But watching their beautiful efforts (and believe me, sometimes, there was a great deal of effort involved!) coupled with Alice’s wonderfully theatrical choreography, you don’t need any knowledge of dance technique or whatnot to be truly moved.

I can tell you now, I swear I had a heart attack every time I watched the show during rehearsal and performance that final week, especially during the third piece. I don’t think I actually breathed for the last few minutes.

And that’s what dance should be. Pure emotion and stamina. Everyone should see this show and these dancers. I intend to make sure as many people as possible do.

Derbyshire, here we come!

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