Michael tells us all…

Hello everyone, my name is Michael and I am one of the dancers for Adaire to Dance. Here are some of my more memorable moments of working with the company during our residency at Owl cottage and our performances as part of the Bakewell Arts Festival 2011.

Firstly I want to say a great big thank you to everyone involved in the Bakewell Arts Festival week, it was a lovely experience and was great to be a part of.

Rehearsals commenced on the Monday, but only after a great workshop with local teenagers from different schools across Derbyshire. There were all great dancers in the group and Alice the Director taught to many of them their first contemporary dance class, explaining exercises such as how to use the floor and they all laughed at ‘using the floor as your friend.’ After class, Alice then began to teach some material based on ‘Spare a Minute’ piece, and then allowed them to create there own movement. This process led to some wonderful and different choreography, and the piece was already finished in only two hours!! It was great to watch and help the younger dancers with the tasks.

This work from the workshop group inspired the company in their rehearsals and we had a very tiring but fun first rehearsal in the new space at the Medway Centre, Bakewell.

On the second day, the atmosphere was still buzzing, although everyone seemed shattered from Mondays workshop and rehearsals. Another great workshop in which Alice moulded the piece, and helped all the dancers to grow in confidence with the newly made piece. Everyone seemed to be really involved in the creation process and enjoying the dancing! After another challenging rehearsal the dancers and I were exhausted, but the adrenalin and anticipation of Wednesday show helped us to keep strong and hold the faith (if you have seen the last piece you will understand why)

Personally for me as a dancer, Spare a Minute was a fabulously challenging piece, for which I held a love/hate relationship, it really pushed me physically and I learnt much about maintain stamina and the importance of inner strength in performance

So the day had very quickly crept up on us all, after two fun and danced packed days of workshops, rehearsals and lots of homemade apple pie, it was time to start technical rehearsals and rigging the lights, which were amazingly and impeccably created by the fantastic Illuminos team.

Despite a very unfortunate and distressing allergic reaction, the true professionalism of one of our dancers – who shall remain anonymous?!) was amazing to watch, how she managed and dealt with everything with such ease and calmness was truly inspiring. With this in mind the phrase, however cliché, “the show must go on” had never seemed so apparent.

And the show did go on and was fantastically received by friends, family and audiences of Bakewell. The workshops curtain raiser was truly awesome, the guys really pulled together and was a brilliant start to the opening night. The first night went incredibly well, the costumes, lighting and space all came together and felt truly special to both dancers and audience members alike.

The second night felt a lot more relaxed, after a day chilling with our company manager Gemma, whose support throughout the week was really amazing, a great big thanks!! The final performance had a bitter/ sweet feel, we all didn’t want the experience to end and wanted to perform again and again…

But all is not lost, plans are now in action for the future of Adaire to Dance- so keep your eyes on our website for regular updates and news!! This was just the start!

Love and Thanks for all your support!

Keep dancing!


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