One day to go!!

Sooo the week of 3Fold performance number three is here!

We are currently sat in the Cube in Déda having rehearsed all morning and we are starving! The pieces are looking good and we are ready to perform. 

Michael is sat opposite me and his words to all those following us on here is..

‘I can’t feel my legs…but that is a gooood thing! For those who have seen Spare a Minute know that it is killer choreography! Ready to chillax for tomorrows performance :)’

Vicki is tucking into her soap an says..

‘Very excited for tomorrow, well prepared and looking forward to performing again. Great rehearsal, bit scared but roll on Wednesday!

James has gone home to rest his shoulder, so fingers crossed that feels better soon, and I am digging into my Nachos!


Just a little insight into Adaire to Dance the day before 3Fold at Déda!


All for now! 


Alice 🙂



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