Research & Development Day Three: Finding Flight

“Everyone forgets Icarus also flew.”
Author, Jack Gilbert



In the final day of the first phase of research, the dancers were left without projections and began working on a section of movement entitled, “The Flight of Icarus”.

Inspired by ideas and imagery of Icarus flying to the sun, the dancers started work on constructing different group sections of weightlessness and playing with the illusion of height. Alice was lifted to dizzying heights as the dancers experimented with twisting and suspending her in the air.

Further work will continue in two weeks time, when the dancers will continue to develop the work along with Rob and Matt from Illuminos. The team will continue to look at and grow the maze sequences, explore patterns with the projections on the gauzes and extend the flying moment. Our combined ambition is to gather ways to entertain, amaze and captivate the audiences imaginations through dance and projection.

Visit our co-creators website Illuminos here:

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